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Magnetotherapy is a form of alternative treatment that uses magnetic fields for healing purposes. It is based on the theory that magnetic fields can influence cellular processes in the body and improve health.

How does magnetotherapy work?

  • Using magnetic fields: magnetotherapy uses magnetic fields of different frequencies and intensities that are directed at specific parts of the body.
  • Influence on cellular processes: it is believed that these magnetic fields can influence cellular processes by improving blood circulation, speeding up tissue repair and reducing inflammation.

Applications of magnetotherapy:

  1. Pain Relief: It can be used to relieve pain in various conditions such as arthritis, back pain, sports injuries and other chronic diseases.
  2. Aiding recovery and rehabilitation:Magnetotherapy is also used to speed up the recovery process after injuries or surgeries, and is believed to help tissue heal faster.
  3. Improve circulation: magnetic fields can improve blood circulation in tissues, which can help oxygen and nutrients reach cells better.

Important aspects:

  • Consult a specialist: It is important to consult a doctor or physiotherapist before starting magnet therapy treatment to assess whether this type of therapy is right for you and how it should be applied.
  • Types of magnetic devices:Therapy can be performed using a variety of devices – magnetic mattresses, bracelets, shoe inserts or special devices that emit magnetic fields.

However, magnetotherapy is not recognised as a mainstream treatment modality by the medical community and is subject to debate as to its effectiveness. It is often used as a complementary or alternative approach to traditional medicine.