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Muscle relaxation and stretching

How does it work?

Muscle relaxation and stretching are used for increased muscle tone and shortened (tight) muscles.

In such conditions the muscle is tested:

  • Pain
  • limited movement volume
  • loss of muscle strength

Stretching exercises are traditionally included as part of the training and recovery program. Research has shown that physical performance in terms of maximal strength, number of repetitions, and total volume are affected by stretching.

What are the main benefits?

When we stretch and hold the muscle in this state, we act on its receptors. After a while, adaptations begin to occur in the muscle, changing the tone.

Normalization of muscle tone improves:

  • Elasticity
  • by the power of
  • Coordination
  • the painless movement
  • neuromuscular regulation is optimized
  • muscle dysfunction is eliminated