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Massage in pregnancy

How does it work?
Pregnancy can sometimes lead to a certain discomfort, but this does not mean that it can not be spent more calmly and pleasantly. When pregnancy is progressing normally, a visit to a massage therapist can offer a host of benefits for the expectant mother, both physical and psychological. Pregnancy massage includes techniques from lymphatic drainage and therapeutic massage. By stimulating circulation and lymphatic outflow, massage helps to eliminate heaviness and swelling in the extremities, especially in more advanced pregnancies. Apply from side lying or sitting position.

What are the main benefits?
Apart from being pleasant as a sensation, prenatal massage has many positive aspects.

Some of them are:

  • relaxing the muscles and reducing tension in them;
  • reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure;
  • increase blood circulation and stimulate lymph flow, giving the body a
  • promotes to release the stagnant in the tissues harmful substances;
  • helping to breathe more deeply and therefore to better saturate the body with oxygen;
  • support blood and lymph flow and thus improve edema and congestion;