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Biomechanical analysis of feet and posture

Biomechanical foot and posture analysis is an innovative procedure that helps us understand how our body functions during movement and static. This important procedure provides valuable information about the biomechanical aspects of gait as well as posture, which play a key role in our overall physical comfort and health.

Analysis for flatfoot
Analysis for flatfoot – a major contributor to whole body health.


Analysis of spinal curvature
Spinal curvature analysis – an important step in determining appropriate therapy.

What does the biomechanical analysis of feet and posture include?

  1. Detailed gait study: the procedure begins with a scan and analysis of your stride. This includes assessment of plantar footprint, load points and postural support.
  2. Structural abnormality testing: specialists use special tools and technologies to measure and analyze structural abnormalities of the posture and feet, such as asymmetries, deformities and imbalances.
  3. Motor imbalance analysis: therapists examine what happens to gait and posture during movement. This analysis can reveal motor imbalances and dysfunctions that can cause pain and impairments of motor function.
  4. Customized Solutions: Once the biomechanical analysis is complete, the specialists will provide you with a personalized improvement plan. This plan may include recommendations for appropriate footwear, orthotic insoles, exercise, or physical therapy.

What are the benefits?

  • Improving gait and posture: With biomechanical analysis, you can correct imbalances and asymmetries in your movement, which will improve your stride and posture.
  • Reducing Pain and Disorders: Analysis can help with a variety of foot and posture problems, such as ankle, knee and back pain.
  • Prevent future problems: early detection of biomechanical problems can prevent the development of serious disorders and injuries in the future.

Biomechanical analysis of foot and posture is a key stage in achieving healthier movement and better physical well-being. It provides information and solutions that help people move freely and pain-free while preventing future disorders and problems.