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Training for mobility

How does it work?

Most people think that mobility and flexibility are the same thing, but in fact they are two very different concepts.

Flexibility is defined as “the ability of a muscle or muscle group to extend passively through a range of motion”, while mobility is “the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion”.

Many additional structures determine how good a person’s mobility is. Not only by the stretch of the muscles, but also how much the joint moves in the joint capsule.

Mobility also takes into account the motor control component in the nervous system. The importance of mobility cannot be underestimated. Good mobility can make a difference in our athleticism and physical condition, whether you are a professional athlete or an office worker without high physical exertion.

Form will improve with mobility training. This is because your body will be better able to adapt to the changes properly, reducing compression and improper weight distribution in your spine.

Sports injuries and common problems such as joint pain are less likely to occur when your mobility is good.

General aches and pains can also be relieved with good mobility.

What are the main benefits?

By improving mobility you can get:

  • good posture (for desk workers)
  • prevention of adhesions and injuries
  • relieve tension associated with a sedentary lifestyle or excessive exercise
  • improve overall functional fitness performance
  • increasing range of motion, helping us stay active and healthy
  • reduces joint wear
  • pain prevention
  • helping to build stronger, more adaptive muscles and ligaments.
  • injury prevention

It is important to note that mobility exercises should be performed with care and full control. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, consult a health professional.