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Sports massage

When does it apply?
Sports massage is a very important part of the sports training process. It is directly related to sports performance and the well-being of athletes. It uses techniques similar to those of classical massage, but modified to meet the specific goals of the type of massage and the specifics of the sport. Sports massage is very complex, according to its application it can be restorative or toning depending on the needs and condition of the patient.

Sports massage is applied to:

  • sports injuries
  • sprains and myofibril disorders
  • improving training potential
  • spreading of lactic acid in the muscles

What are the main benefits?
The massage techniques aim to improve the blood and lymph flow at the local level and hence improve tissue nourishment. In this way, tension, discomfort and fatigue are removed, the flexibility of the musculature is improved, the chances of injury are reduced and the body is prepared for the upcoming load.

Professionals and amateurs visit our center to recover after physical exertion. Our specialists use a combination of deep tissue penetration and stretching techniques to complete the treatment.

The contraindications are identical to those for the classic massage:

  • increased body temperature,
  • inflammatory processes,
  • infectious skin diseases,
  • bleeding and hemorrhages,
  • inflammation of the veins and lymph vessels,
  • great psycho-emotional overexcitement,
  • tumor diseases.