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therapy for a fulfilling and active life.

Rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and treatment of chronic body pains, degenerative changes in the spine, and the peripheral nervous system. We optimise body position and address the root cause of the problem.


Shortly about us

We present to you MoveWell, a method for treating musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, and correcting your posture. The concept is applicable both to athletes and professional sportspeople, as well as to people suffering from work-related or daily issues.
The method is based on scientific research, medical studies, and work with over 4000 patients in recent years.
Therapists at MoveWell investigate the cause of the problem, analyse, and address injuries.
  • Injury prevention
  • Prevention of pain
  • Posture correction
  • Optimising exercises
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Ivo Karaivanov

Your health is our primary goal.

online consultation

We provide the opportunity to receive medical opinions and diagnostics
without physical presence.

Икона за упражнения с аксесоари

These are assistance exercises for isolation of certain muscle groups, stability, improving flexibility and coordination. They improve endurance and correct form.

It combines the corrective exercises of rehabilitation with apparatus treatment for better and faster recovery.

Individual approach to each patient in order to improve the functional qualities and condition of the body.

We investigate the causes of pain, movement problems and changes in foot structure and posture. This analysis is used to customize rehabilitation programs.

Treatment of chronic pain, headaches, migraines, disc herniation, lowering muscle tone, peripheral as well as autonomic nervous system. Through mechanical irritation, chemical substances are synthesized in order to neutralize pain naturally.

Emphasizes the treatment of muscle pain, stress and aims to improve physical and psycho-emotional state.

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Simona Ivanova


Ivo Karaivanov

Your health
is our
primary goal


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Share the joy of your health, join over 4000 satisfied patients who are already benefiting from our services.


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With pleasure, we announce that we have received over 300 excellent reviews from our valued patients. Thank you for your trust!


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Great team, modern equipment, highly recommended! They managed to quickly assess my condition!

Andreana Popova

Wonderful professionals, modern equipment! I recommend to anyone in need of physiotherapy!

Desislava Atanasova

I visited the center, the rehabilitators are dedicated to their work, they work with attention to the client!

Tihomir Popov

I was very satisfied with the physiotherapy. It helped me regain mobility after injury and significantly reduced the pain. The physiotherapist was professional and used an individual approach.

Atanas Ivanov

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