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Our History

Move Well is an innovative method of treating and optimizing your physical and clinical condition, bringing together our knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, movement kinematics and psycho-emotional resilience. Meet our therapists to provide you with the best care for your health and treatment.


Method Move Well

We present to you Move Well, a method for treating musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, and correcting your posture.

The concept is applicable both to athletes and professional sportspeople, as well as to people suffering from work-related or daily issues.

The method is based on scientifically based research, medical studies, and clinical practice with over 4000 patients.

Therapists at Move Well diagnose the cause of injuries, address the etiology of the problem, and then treat the patient. We motivate and educate our patients, providing them with knowledge and complete information about their condition and treatment.

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    Team of Professionals

    Move Well has a highly qualified team of professionals. Our therapists present with the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the best recovery in the field of musculoskeletal injuries.

    Физиотерапевтичен екип в кабинет
    Физиотерапевти в кабинета

    Your Path to Health

    It is important for us to be by your side throughout your treatment. We approach each patient personally with the care they need. Whether you’re a professional athlete, suffering from a work-related injury or looking for support in keeping fit, the Move Well method will give you everything you need.

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