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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Differences and Combinations

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are two key components in the care of patients with musculoskeletal problems, but they have different goals and methods. In this article, we will look at the differences between them and how they can be combined.


  1. What is Physiotherapy? The principles and goals of physiotherapy encompass improving the functionality of specific muscles or muscle groups while maintaining a focus on the individual needs of each patient.
  2. Methods and Techniques: How Do We Work? In our methods, we use a variety of physical exercises that not only improve strength, but also encourage mobility in our patients. The process is customized to each individual’s specific goals.
  3. Prevention of Injury and Pain: Physiotherapy is not only about healing, but also about preventing future injury and pain. Our specialized approaches help patients maintain optimal health and prevent recurring problems.


  1. Goals of Rehabilitation: rehabilitation seeks full recovery after traumatic events or after surgical procedures. The goal is to restore the patient to full function and good health.
  2. Individual and Specific Approach: rehabilitation uses an individualized and sensitive approach that focuses on the specific needs and problems of each patient. This ensures effective and personalized treatment.
  3. Return to Normal Life: The main goal of rehabilitation is to restore the patient to the level of functionality that is possible. The process helps patients to reintegrate into their daily lives, giving them the opportunity for a normal life.

physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – How They Combine:

  1. Combining Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: we combine these two methods to speed up and improve the patient’s recovery process. Combining physiotherapy and rehabilitation provides a holistic and effective approach to supporting health and regaining functionality.
  2. Post-operative Care: Post-operative care is essential for successful recovery after surgery. Our methods at this stage of treatment play a critical role in maintaining optimal health and accelerating the recovery process.
  3. Long-term Benefits: Systematic physiotherapy and rehabilitation have long-term benefits. The Tezo method not only maintains optimal health, but also prevents future problems.

In musculoskeletal health care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation complement each other, providing a holistic and individualized look at restoration and maintenance of optimal health.

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